…to Make An Impact on Teens Future

IN.VISION is an initiative designed to help educate teens to identify their individual talents and skills, then connect them directly with successful entrepreneurs to help them develop their creative skills into a successful career.

We offer a creative platform that connects with our youth by teaching them practical application and goal settings which positions them to reach personal success at an earlier age in life.


IN.VISION offers an alternative form of education that prepares and develops youth creative skills at an early age, resulting in more focus in their daily activity…thereby building better habits in their life.

Our programs educate youth to identify their individual talents / skills and partner them directly with industry professionals helping them develop it into a successful project, business, or career.

We Engage Teens In A Variety Creative Categories…

Helping Teens To Transform Their Skills Into A Career

  • Fine Arts

  • Music Production

  • Film / Production

  • Photography

  • Digital Design

  • Technology

  • Culinary

  • Theater / Performance / Dance

Our Impact

Our platform allows teens to explore and enhance their skills by doing what they enjoy most in their life….resulting in improved performance in their overall lifestyle.

We continue to engage teens though our various workshops, events, and meet & greets. The outcome has shown direct improvement and focus in t teen’s Academics, Behavior and Habits.

“I think IN.VISION is SO crucial…I wish it would have existed when i was younger”

“If I had  IN.VISION when I was younger…my business life would have taken off much quicker!”

“To have a program like IN.VISION…it’s invaluable…you can’t put a price on it.”

-Darren Weeks
Financial Expert

Our Associates

We work and continue to collaborate with several experts from various industries to help impact the lives of teens.
Our associates range from a variety of Founders, CEO, Corporate Representatives, as well as Celebrities.


Get Involved

Get involved and support ‘IN.VISION’ workshops to directly help reach our youth in an innovative way to prepare them for the future. Take advantage in collaborating with various brands in support of this positive causes designed to help our youth reach their goals in various fun ways.

IN.VISION’s goal is to help our youth learn the creative steps it takes to achieve their goals. We are committed to help fashion the lives of young people….helping them create and reach their goals in life!

We’re seeking to work with more
Organizations, Charities, Brands, and Celebrities
to inspire and educate our youth today.

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